IntelliPlex™ ALK Rearrangement Kit (CE-IVD)

The IntelliPlexTM ALK Rearrangement Kit is a qualitative molecular assay for the detection of gene rearrangements on variants EML4-ALK, KIF5B-ALK, and TFG-ALK of the ALK gene.  The kit offers a broad coverage of 24 variants in a single well by using the one-step RT-PCR and πCode MicroDisc technologies. 



Product Highlight

  • Single-well multiplex detection
  • Highly sensitive (~500 copies)
  • Low sample input (10ng)
  • < 6 hrs turnaround time (sample preparation included)

Order Information

Category Product Name Package Size Cat. No.
Assay Kit IntelliPlex™ ALK Rearrangement Kit 24 rxns 82023