SelectAmp Technology

SelectAmp, a mutation-enriching PCR amplification that dramatically increases mutation detection sensitivities, achievement of sensitivities up to 0.1% is common in many mutation points making this analytic approach ideally suited for liquid biopsy assays. SelectAmp can be applied in conditions in which nucleotides do not have sufficient affinity and specificity.  

At PlexBio, we are able to use SelectAmp technology to block the amplification of wide type DNA, thus, enhance the detection sensitivity and specificity of targeted mutants.      



  • Increases sensitivity and specificity of detection
  • Excellent detection of clinical samples such as liquid biopsy and FFPE
  • Enables high potency binding to RNA and DNA
  • High in vitro stability

SelectAmp is useful for the following applications:

  • Multiplexing
  • SNP detection
  • Allele discrimination
  • Pathogen detection
  • Viral load quantification
  • Gene expression analysis