Corporate Overview

 PlexBio Co., Ltd., established in May 2010, designs, develops and manufactures IVD products and instrumentations in ISO-certified facilities. To this date, PlexBio has expanded from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan to Jiangsu Province, China, and has an Innovative Technology Center in San Francisco, USA.  Currently, PlexBio Co., Ltd. is a listed company at Taiwan emerging stock market.  

 In order to address the issue of rising healthcare costs and an increasing range of available tests, it is crucial for clinical and research labs to consider the cost of labor, sample volume, time and maintenance when it comes to assay formats. Therefore, PlexBio aims to provide a cutting-edge multiplexing platform using our patented Precision Image Code (πCodeTM, piCode) MicroDisc technology to overcome this limitation. 

 Our πCodeTM MicroDisc technology is currently the largest multiplexing platform, capable of generating over 16,000 circular image patterns. Each image pattern corresponds to an individual target and can be detected simultaneously via advanced optical imaging and fluorescence analyzers. By using our multiplexing platform, we are able to offer highly sensitive and specific results with low sample volumes, which saves time and labor.