PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer

PlexBioTM 100 Fluorescent Analyzer is designed to capture distinct image patterns of patented MicroDiscs using CCD camera. Image patterns can be seen under bright field and fluorescence signal intensity can be measured under dark field.

Features include:
• Easy to use: user-friendly interface with a 15-minute startup
• Robustness: Easy to maintain, no waste or wash fluids; no risk of crossover and contamination
• Efficiency: Run multiple test with high decoding speed
• Flexibility: use PlexBio’s assays or develop your own, with over 16000 unique patterns
• Compatibility: Adaptable with any protein- or DNA- based assays


System Specifications:


Order Information

Category Product Name Cat. No.
Instrumentation PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer 80000


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