IntelliPlex™ 5000 Automation System

In addition to the general equipment necessary for the handling of reagents, PlexBio has developed IntelliPlexTM 5000 Automation System, a one-stop free-standing total automation system designed to facilitate clinical use and reduce labor and assay time. The IntelliPlexTM 5000 automates the entire testing process, from loading clinical samples, performing the tests, analyzing the results, to storing the data.

The IntelliPlexTM 5000 features the following:
• Perform both molecular and immunoassays on one fully automated system
• Liquid dispensing of the 96-well plates
• Reagent identification and volume detection
• PCR reaction for molecular assays
• Heating and shaking for facilitating reactions
• Microdisc washing and dispersing for even analysis


**Product under development