PlexBio’s πCode™ Technology at ESPT 2017 Conference

Catania, Italy- Oct 31, 2017 - A recap of the ESPT 2017 conference that was held at Catania, Sicily in Italy on Oct. 4-7th, 2017. EuroClone Diagnostica Srl, a company that operates in the human diagnostic market segment and particularly in the area of Molecular Biology, exhibited at the conference in collaboration with PlexBio Co., Ltd., promoting PlexBio’s πCode™ MicroDisc technology and products in Europe.


This year’s conference focused on the topic of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine research progress and its clinical implementation. Researchers and scientists from nearby countries joined in presenting and discussing their hard work and findings.


PlexBio’s πCode™ MicroDisc technology is currently the largest multiplexing platform commercially available, capable of generating over 16,000 circular image patterns. Each image pattern corresponds to an individual target which can be detected simultaneously via the advanced optical imaging and fluorescence capabilities. By using this higher order multiplexing platform, PlexBio is able to offer highly sensitive and specific results for both immuno and molecular diagnostic formats from very low input sample volumes - which saves time and labor.


In addition, the conference also highlighted the regulatory aspects, the use of decision support tools and applications of cfDNA analysis as innovative biomarker to guide lung and prostate cancer therapies, further supported the benefits of researching and applying liquid biopsy technologies.


About PlexBio Co., Ltd.:The company established in May 2010, designs, develops and manufactures IVD products and instrumentation from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and its affiliate location in Jiangsu Province, China. PlexBio has also established an Innovative Technology Center in South San Francisco, CA, USA. The company is a listed company at Taiwan emerging stock market. http://www.plexbio.com


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