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Denka Signs Distribution Agreements with PlexBio for the IntelliPlex™ Instrument System and Reagents

Taipei, Taiwan- August 8, 2018 - PlexBio Co., Ltd, an emerging multi-national diagnostic company, has signed the Distribution Agreement with Denka Co., Ltd. for its IntelliPlex™ 1000 πCode Processor and PlexBio™ 100 Fluorescent Analyzer for use in the Japanese life science research market. The agreement also includes the sale of research reagents and PlexBio’s vital components πCode™ MicroDisc by Denka’s marketing and sales teams in Japan.

After the Technology License Agreement signed between PlexBio and Denka in 2016, Denka has applied PlexBio’s πCode™ MicroDisc technology into a number of product developments. In early 2018, a molecular diagnostic system for Infectious Disease testing to detect pathogenic microorganisms and identify Multi-Drug Resistance bacteria genes (MDR), was announced to be co-developed based on PlexBio’s proprietary multiplex πCode™ MicroDisc technology.

Dr. Dean Tsao, PlexBio Chairman and CEO, said, “Denka has been a wonderful partner to PlexBio, a strong supporter to PlexBio’s journey to success. We saw the opportunity in Japanese market and we are glad that Denka took the next step in establishing the distribution relation.” During the co-development process for IVD products, the Distribution Agreement would allow the technology to be introduced to the Japanese market for a variety of application in different fields, such as Companion Diagnostics, food safety test, immunology, early Cancer detection or prenatal detection, to expedite the research development and cost saving by reducing the process time through multiplexing platform. Through these explorations, it would broaden the future IVD applications to achieve both company long term targets and growth.

About Denka Co., Ltd.: Established in 1915, the company manufactures and supplies chemical products globally across a wide range of fields. With its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Denka expands its business into five sectors, including Denka Seiken, a subsidiary under Denka’s Life Innovative Division, responsible for the manufacture of vaccines and diagnostic reagents in various areas, including bacteriology, virology, clinical chemistry, and immunochemistry.

About PlexBio Co., Ltd.: The company established in 2010, designs, develops and manufactures IVD products and instrumentation from its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and its affiliate location in Jiangsu Province, China. PlexBio has also established an Innovative Technology Center in South San Francisco, CA, USA. The company is a listed company at Taiwan emerging stock market.


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